MySpelling site is designed to help your language learning experience by improving your words and sentences' spelling in a set of languages of your choice. Available languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian and Hebrew.

How does it work?

The system displays a word or a sentence in the language you are fluent in, and then asks you to write them in the language you wish to improve. The word or sentence are displayed with blanks into which you are expected to insert the missing letters correctly. We offer three levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

The advantage of this approach

The user's language learning experience is enhanced by practicing their spelling and syntax in the language they wish to improve. It's been said that practicing writing helps to improve memorization of words; their meaning and spelling.

Who will find this site helpful?

This site is for people who have some basic knowledge of the language and who seek to further improve their writing skills, with emphasis on spelling.